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I'm Ross Radford and I love software testing.
I know that's weird, but it's true.

Managers, Thought Leaders, Software Engineers, Quality Engineers,  Welcome.

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Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Through the years developing software as an individual contributor and later as a manager, I've learned what not to do the hard way. Trial and error.

I can't take all the blame, leadership needs to show us the path and nudge us away from productivity-destroying bad methodologies. Developer time is expensive!  We all know this.

For every testing methodology or system out there, there are compromises, limitations and most importantly risk.  Managers know the real risk of software development is wasted time.  More than anything else, I want to help you avoid wasted time.

I take this stuff personally.  I've won this cautionary wisdom after years of hard work and misdirected effort. No regrets, I take pride in learning from mistakes.

I wish I could nail this guide to the door of my old managers office!  Hey!  Warning!  Developer time is at stake!

Speak the Language of Testing

As a leader you owe it to your team to use this reference guide when planning and discussing testing solutions.

As a developer, you want to avoid the endless wild goose chase of misdirected, pointless test development.  Help your peers by advocating for thoughtful, fully considered testing solutions.  If you like it and find the guide valuable, send your manager here and I'll help you start the conversation!

Hiring?  Attract the best engineers by showing your team culture avoids common mismanagement that make their job difficult.  Demonstrate to testing professionals you take their role seriously and become a more attractive employer.

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